Section IV


406. Eligibility Requirements for Class Participation

(a) Any stallion, mare or gelding one year old or older must have been issued an AQHA registration certificate to compete in an approved halter class. Only stallions, mares, spayed mares, non-breeding mares and geldings, 2 years old and older, which have been issued an AQHA registration certificate, are eligible to compete in approved performance classes or contests. No 2-year-old may be shown in any performance class prior to July 1 of its 2-year-old year. However, yearlings may compete and earn points in showmanship at halter classes.

(b) Geldings that are still listed as stallions according to AQHA records at the time the show results are processed will be disqualified. (See rule 216(a)).

(c) Weanlings may be exhibited without a registration certificate but must be shown as unnamed, must be eligible for registration with AQHA and either before or after a registration application is filed, should AQHA determine the weanling is either ineligible for registration or eligible only upon fulfillment of certain conditions, the weanling shall not further participate in approved shows, or, if registration is conditional, it shall not participate in approved shows until those conditions are fulfilled.

(d) Subject to rule 404 (c) stallions may not be exhibited in novice amateur, youth or novice youth classes.