Section II


224. Transfer of Ownership

Each transfer of ownership of a registered horse shall be recorded by AQHA.

(a) The responsible party as specified in rule 224(f)(1) must submit all transfer items to AQHA immediately after purchase to ensure prompt service, to reduce the possibility of losing either certificate or transfer report and to lessen the chance of complications that might make it impossible to ever record the transfer.

(b) If a registration certificate and transfer form are delivered to AQHA without sufficient information, the registration certificate will be retained by AQHA until the transfer can be completed and recorded.

(c) To record a transfer, the responsible party must supply AQHA the following items:

(1) The registration certificate of a horse;

(2) A properly completed and signed AQHA transfer report by the last recorded owner, as well as one from any subsequent owner(s) and

(3) The required fee, as specified in rule 222, with the membership status of the buyer determining the applicable transfer fee.

(d) AQHA will recognize the signature of any one of the joint owners of the horse on AQHA’s transfer report if such owner is named on the horse’s current registration certificate, except for a transfer by one joint owner (or agent) to him or herself, which transfer shall require the signature of one of the other joint owner(s)/agent(s). Additionally, AQHA will recognize the signature of any partner when a partnership is a record owner. If such recognition is not to be permitted, or is to be limited otherwise, the joint owners or partnership must file with AQHA a written agreement to that effect, specifying horse’s name and registration number, and signed by all such joint owners or partners.

(e) When written authorization (on a form furnished by AQHA upon request) has been filed in AQHA’s office, AQHA will accept the signature of such authorized individual as sufficient to complete the transfer. The written authorization must be signed both by the record owner of the horse specified in such authorization and the person being authorized to sign a transfer.

(f) Seller’s Responsibility: The owner of record at time of sale has the responsibility for completing an AQHA transfer in its entirety and for delivery of it to AQHA.

(1) The seller must provide on the transfer report the correct name and registration number of the horse, date of sale, name and address of buyer, and signature and address of seller. The seller shall immediately deliver the transfer form, along with the registration certificate, to AQHA, along with any other documents required to complete the transfer of ownership. Payment of the required fee as specified in rule 222 shall be a matter of private negotiation between the buyer and seller and may be paid by either of them, but such fee must accompany the transfer, with the membership status of the buyer determining the applicable transfer fee.

(2) Auction Sale: For a horse sold through an auction, the seller may deliver to auction management the registration certificate, along with a properly completed transfer report, and instruct the auction representatives to obtain the name of the buyer and his address, and to send the registration certificate, the completed transfer form and required transfer fee to AQHA on the seller’s behalf. Ultimate responsibility for completion and delivery of the transfer report to AQHA, along with any other documents required to complete the transfer of ownership to the current owner, shall continue to remain with the seller.

(3) Automatic Suspension: Upon 15 days prior notice of such intended action, for violation of the seller’s responsibility, rule 224(f)(1) regarding either a direct sale or auction sale, the Executive Vice President may automatically suspend a member and deny him privileges of AQHA or deny a nonmember privileges of AQHA. Such sanction shall terminate upon full compliance by the sanctioned person.

(g) Any alteration or defacement, change or amendment of a completed transfer will necessitate verification.

(h) When a horse is claimed at a recognized race track, the racing secretary shall collect a transfer fee and membership fee, if necessary, from the claimant which shall be forwarded to AQHA, together with the registration certificate, a written report of the race showing the date of the race, and the name and address of the person claiming the horse. Upon receipt of such fee(s), certificate and report, AQHA will complete the transfer without the report being signed by the record owner. If the notice of claim and the supporting documents are received by AQHA within 14 days of the claim, the transfer will receive free special handling rush service.